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Technical & Financial Details

Technical Details

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Yahoo! Web Hosting



Officer Chad Makara

Sweeny Police Department




Domain Registration:

The Internet Domain Name, www.sweenypolice.org, was registered on 02-17-2003 in the .org whois database.


This Web site is governed, in part, under the policy of Yahoo! Web Hosting.


Financial Details

The following details summarize the financial obligation to the Sweeny Police Department Web Site.


Internet Domain Name Registration Fee:

Waived by Yahoo! as part of Web Hosting plan.


Web Hosting:

$11.95 per month ($143.40 yearly)


Web Design & Authoring:

NO COST (service provided by Officer Chad Makara of the Sweeny Police Department.)


Latest Update

Our previous version of the Sweeny Police Department Web site was designed and authored using the following technology as compared to our latest version update on 11-01-2004:

Specs. Old Version New Version
Operating System Windows Millennium

Windows 2000 Professional

Web Authoring Software


FrontPage 2000


FrontPage 2003

Web Space Availability 50 MB 2000MB (2GB)
Data Transfer Limit 2GB 25GB
Screen Size Design 800 x 600 800 x 600
Design Layout Tables Cascading Style Sheets
Design Template Business Texas & Patriotic
Hyperlink Decoration None Underline & Highlight
Additional Programs None Adobe Photoshop 6.0

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