Sweeny Police | Racial Profiling Data, 2004

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Racial Profiling Report, 2004


This report contains data collected in 2004 from traffic citations issued by the Sweeny Police Department in Sweeny, Texas. Because of the qualified exemption under Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 2.135, only the following data shall be reported:

  • Total number of citations issued by Sweeny Police Officers,
  • Percent of total citations by ethnic category,
  • Total number of consent searches,
  • Total number of non-consent searches, and
  • Total number of arrests resulting from traffic stops.

2004 represents the third year for which racial profiling data was required to be collected by Texas law enforcement agencies and subsequently reported to local councils of government. However, the data collection requirements were quite different this year than for last year based on the exemption cited above.

Internal Review

The internal analysis of data was compiled for future use or dissemination, but the data was exempt from this report based on the exemption cited above.

No complaints of racial profiling were lodged against officers in 2004.


2000 Census & 2004 Racial Profiling Data
Race % of Households in Sweeny Total # of Stops % of Total Stops Consent Searches Non-Consent Searches Arrests
Caucasian 73% 229 61.1% 1 - 3
African-American 17% 113 30.1% - 1 3
Hispanic 10% 33 8.8% 1 - -
Asian 0% 0 0.0% - - -
Native American 0% 0 0.0% - - -
Other 0% 0 0.0% - - -
TOTAL 100% 375 100% 2 1 6


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