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Project ChildSafe


Click here to visit the Project ChildSafe Web site

Project ChildSafe is a five-year, $5 million program created to provide firearms safety education material and gunlocks to Texans.

The Criminal Justice Division of the Office of the Governor of the State of Texas, through the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), offered cable-style gunlocks packaged with gun safety information to every sheriff and police department in Texas. These "safety kits" are free of charge to gun owners.

The Sweeny Police Department was allotted 200 safety kits for distribution to Sweeny residents. These kits are available at the Sweeny Police Department.

What is Project ChildSafe?

  • Project ChildSafe is a firearms safety education program of the State of Texas, providing 750,000 FREE gun lock safety kits to state residents within the next 12 months.

  • Firearm owners who request a free safety kit will receive it with "no questions asked."

  • While recent statistics show that the number of accidental injuries and deaths resulting from firearms in decreasing, we feel that if even one accident or death can be prevented through Project ChildSafe, the program will have been worth the effort.

  • We encourage everyone who owns a firearm to store it with a cable lock installed in a location inaccessible to children or other unauthorized users. Ammunition should be stored in a separate location.

  • The firearms safety pamphlet that is included with the gun lock in each project ChildSafe firearms safety kits is just as important as the lock itself. It explains the importance of firearm safety in your home. We encourage everyone to read it and follow its advice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why is the state sponsoring this program?

A. The State, and our department, want to promote safe firearms handling and storage practices among all firearms owners in order to reduce the risk of tragic accidents, especially among children. To do this, weíre reaching out to gun owners with important safety education messages and free gun locking devices.

Q. How many safety kits has the Sweeny Police Department been provided?

A. We have been allotted 200 safety kits by the Governorís Criminal Justice Division based on our local population figures.

Q. Can you get more locks if you run out?

A. We have been told we can request more safety kits if needed.

Q. What level of security do these locks provide?

A. These locks are intended to deter unauthorized persons, especially mischievous children, from accessing and firing a gun that a parent thought was "hidden" in the house. The locks should not be expected to withstand a determined individual who is attempting intrusion using tools or other aggressive means. Using a locking device is only one step in a series of safeguards outlined in the safety literature designed to keep firearms out of the hands of children and other unauthorized persons. Together these safeguards can reduce the risk of a tragic accident in the home.

Q. Doesnít keeping your gun locked up defeat the purpose of having it for self-protection?

A. A loaded gun should be under your full control and supervision at all times. When youíre not able to supervise that loaded firearm, it should be unloaded and securely stored. If you choose to keep a firearm for home security, you might consider buying a special lockable case, or quick-access box, that can be quickly opened only by you.

Q. How long will this program run?

A. We have been advised by the Governorís Criminal Justice Division that this is a five-year program.

Q. How will this program reduce crime?

A. Project ChildSafe is designed to help reduce the risk of firearms accidents and it not a crime-prevention program.

Q. The administrator of the program is the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Who are they?

A. The Foundation is the trade association for companies in the shooting sports industry and has been involved in promoting firearms safety education for 40 years. It developed the nationwide Project HomeSafe program.


Safety Kits are available at the Sweeny Police Department, while supplies last.  Contact us for more information.


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Visit Project ChildSafe for more details about the program.