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Our Police Patch

Our police shoulder patch is shown below.  The design incorporates several aspects of the City of Sweeny and the law enforcement profession in general.  The patch is formed in the shape of a shield, outlined in red with a dark blue background.  Our city flag is embedded in the patch at the top and center.  The flag is very similar in style to that of the State of Texas Flag.  "A City With Pride" is the city logo, which is embedded in the flag.  POLICE and DEPT. are written in the white ribbon on each side of the patch.  The yellow eagle holding an olive branch in one claw and arrows in the other claw while embracing an American Shield is an inspiring representation of the United States of America, our desire for peace, yet our courage to use force, and our duty to protect all of whom we serve.



Sweeny Police Patch

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The Sweeny Police Department recognizes the many individuals in the United States and from around the world who collect police patches.  We have received requests from countless police officers, retired officers, military personnel, and private collectors here in the United States and from many other countries.

The cost of our police patch is $4.00 per patch, limit two (2) patches per request.

As of 12-01-2003, the Sweeny Police Department began charging for our police patch.  The demand has exceeded our supply, and without charging, we will be unable to provide our patch to the public.  Only money orders or cashier checks will be accepted for payment.  Personal checks will be returned. NOTE: We can no longer accept foreign requests without payment, either.

The Sweeny Police Department will, upon written request (postal, fax, or e-mail), along with payment received, mail our police patch to individuals who request them.  We ask that it be displayed in an honorable manner and that it not be used or represented in any way which degrades or demeans the Sweeny Police Department or the law enforcement profession.

Send police patch requests to the following address:

Sweeny Police Department

RE:  Patch Request

123 N. Oak Street

Sweeny, TX  77480


Please direct further questions about mailing our police patch to our webmaster.

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Patch Request Maps

We thought it would be interesting to find out from which states, provinces, territories, and countries around the world we have received patch requests from.  So, we formatted these maps below to show the public.


LEGEND: States, provinces, territories, and countries colored in green represent places where police patch requests have been received and mailed.  Click on a map for more detail.


These maps were last updated on 07/22/2008.


Map of USA Map of Canada
USA Canada
Map of Australia Map of Europe
Australia Europe
Map of South America  
South America  


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Legal Uses & Penalties


The following section from the Texas Penal Code has been posted here to inform those individuals about the legal penalties for misusing police insignia. 

Texas Penal Code, Section 37.12.

False Identification as Peace Officer.

(a) A person commits an offense if:

(1) the person makes, provides to another person, or possesses a card, document, badge, insignia, shoulder emblem, or other item bearing an insignia of a law enforcement agency that identifies a person as a peace officer or a reserve law enforcement officer; and

(2) the person who makes, provides, or possesses the item bearing the insignia knows that the person so identified by the item is not commissioned as a peace officer or reserve law enforcement officer as indicated on the item.

(b) It is a defense to prosecution under this section that:

(1) the card, document, badge, insignia, shoulder emblem, or other item bearing an insignia of a law enforcement agency clearly identifies the person as an honorary or junior peace officer or reserve law enforcement officer, or as a member of a junior posse;

(2) the person identified as a peace officer or reserve law enforcement officer by the item bearing the insignia was commissioned in that capacity when the item was made; or

(3) the item was used or intended for use exclusively for decorative purposes or in an artistic or dramatic presentation.

(c) In this section, "reserve law enforcement officer" has the same meaning as is given that term in Section 1701.001, Occupations Code.

(d) A person commits an offense if the person intentionally or knowingly misrepresents an object as property belonging to a law enforcement agency.

(e) An offense under this section is a Class B misdemeanor.

(Effective 9/1/2001)


(A Class B Misdemeanor is punishable with a fine of not more than $2,000 and/or a term of confinement not more than six months in county jail.


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Representing oneself as a police officer is a violation of law under Texas Penal Code, Section 37.12.  False Identification as Peace Officer.

Click on the link to review the law to make sure your use is lawful and within legal guidelines.