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Sweeny Stop N Go Robbed; Suspect Arrested


A few minutes after midnight on the morning of Tuesday, October 4, 2005, the Sweeny Stop N Go, located in the 200 block of North Main Street, was robbed at gunpoint. 


Suspect, Sidney Early

The robber, identified as Sidney Frances Early, a White male, age 19, entered the convenience store and began a casual conversation with the store's cashier, also a male. The suspect then asked where the restroom was and, after being told, walked back to it and out of sight.  A few minutes later, the suspect approached the cashier from behind with a gun and ordered the cashier to give him money from the cash register. The cashier complied giving the suspect the money from the cash register.  The cashier then tripped the store's silent alarm.


Within a few minutes, a Sweeny police officer, Officer Michael Diaz, was dispatched to the store to investigate the silent alarm.  As the officer drove up, the suspect walked to the back of the store and out of sight. The officer entered  the store and made contact with the cashier, who told the officer there was a man with a gun at the back of the store.  The officer exited the store and radioed for backup.  The suspect ran out of the store and past the officer.  The officer pursued the suspect on foot as the suspect ran around the store and headed north on Oak Street.  A deputy from the Brazoria County Sheriff's Department quickly arrived on the scene and headed the suspect off several blocks away.  The pursuing Sweeny officer was able to catch the suspect, and he was taken into custody without further incident.


The money and gun, which was determined to be a BB gun, were recovered at the scene.


The suspect was charged with Aggravated Robbery, a First Degree Felony, and he was booked in at the West Columbia Police Department jail.








Offense & Arrest



03-06-2006 Released from custody on $25K bond
03-23-2006 Pre-Trial
05-22-2006 Trial; Guilty Plea or Nolo Contendere; 8 Years TDC/8 Years Probation; 240 Hours Community Service; $100 Fine + Court Costs.


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