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The gang crisis in America was one of the most vicious dilemmas facing our nation during the 1980s and '90s.  Homicides, drive-by shootings, and drug trafficking have spread across our land, leaving their marks of terror and panic throughout communities and cities.


We have attempted to present some valuable information and resources on this page concerning gangs and anti-gang efforts.



What is a Gang?

A street gang is a structured, cohesive group of individuals, usually between the ages of eleven and twenty-five, who generally operate under some form of leadership while claiming a territory or turf. Gang members wear distinctive clothing, use special street names and symbols, and commit organized and spontaneous criminal acts within the community.


Gangs establish their reputation by the types and severity of the crimes they commit.  The more heinous the crime the more "juice" or reputation the gang gets.  In the seedy street gang world, the more "juice" you have the more respect you get!



Recent News

09-23-2006:  Gang Awareness Workshop (Public Invited)



Gang Awareness

The following information has been posted regarding gang awareness and information.  The documents require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


The following pages can be downloaded or viewed separately by topic or altogether at the very bottom link:


  Document Size
Adobe PDF File Symptoms of Pre-Gang & Gang Behavior 18.8 KB
Adobe PDF File Evidence of Gang-Related Activity 18.3 KB
Adobe PDF File What are the Key Dangers of Gangs? 16.9 KB
Adobe PDF File Why Some Kids Join Gangs 23.9 KB
Adobe PDF File Help Your Child Say "NO" to Gangs 29.8 KB
Adobe PDF File Help Keep Gangs Out of Your Community 21.3 KB
Adobe PDF File Gang Awareness, Prevention, & Intervention 51.1 KB



Online Gang Resources



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Report Gang Activity

To report gang activity or suspected gang activity, please call us 24-hours at 979-548-3111.

You may also provide suspected gang activity to us via e-mail at the following link: tips@sweenypolice.org