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Found, Abandoned, and Unclaimed Property

The Sweeny Police Department will post all found, abandoned, and unclaimed property on this page.  Claimants have thirty (30) days or ninety (90) days from the date listed beside the item to notify the Sweeny Police Department of ownership rights.  Proof of such ownership will be required before an item is released.

How to Make Ownership Claim

If you feel an item listed below belong to you, contact the Sweeny Police Department at 979-548-3111 between the hours of 8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday, or come into our office located at 123 N. Oak Street. Please bring proof of ownership with you.

2012 List of Found, Abandoned, and Unclaimed Property

Item #

Date Found

Item Description


1672 01-11-2012 License Plate Claimed
1674 01-15-2012 Drug Paraphernalia Unclaimed
N/A 02-06-2012 Wallet Claimed
N/A 02-09-2012 Wallet Claimed
1701 02-20-2012 Bicycle Unclaimed
1709 03-13-2012 Marijuana Unclaimed/Destroyed
1716 03-20-2012 Wallet/Keys Claimed
N/A 03-26-2012 Driver's License Claimed
1736 04-07-2012 Bicycle Unclaimed
1737 04-09-2012 Bicycle Unclaimed
1738 04-11-2012 Bicycle Unclaimed
1755 05-14-2012 Marijuana Unclaimed/Destroyed
1764 05-23-2012 Flashlight Claimed
1771 06-03-2012 Bicycle Unclaimed
1784 06-19-2012 Pills/Medication Unclaimed
1785 06-20-2012 Bicycle Unclaimed
1793 07-03-2012 Bicycle Unclaimed
1799 07-06-2012 Marijuana Unclaimed
1800 07-16-2012 Marijuana Unclaimed
1821 07-30-2012 Bullets Unclaimed/Destroyed
1825 08-02-20312 Credit Card Unclaimed/Destroyed
1826 08-02-2012 Pills/Medications Unclaimed/Destroyed
1838 08-17-2012 Shoes/Cell Phone Claimed
1847 09-06-2012 Traffic Signs Claimed
1854 09-16-2012 Marijuana Unclaimed
1857 09-21-2012 Bicycle Unclaimed
1859 09-21-2012 Marijuana Unclaimed
1863 10-25-2012 Class Ring Unclaimed
1873 11-01-2012 Driver's License Claimed
1874 11-05-2012 Dictaphone Unclaimed
1875 11-06-2012 Wallet Unclaimed
1877 11-09-2012 Bicycle Unclaimed
1878 11-09-2012 Red Bag/Clothes Unclaimed
1880 11-15-2012 Social Security Card Returned to Owner




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More Info...

Under Texas Law, unclaimed property is subject to destruction by the law enforcement agency in possession of the property after 30 days if the owner if the property is not known.


If the law enforcement agency knows the identity of the property owner, the agency shall maintain the property for 90 days before it is subject to destruction.


Contraband, or illegal items, will not be returned.