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Department Operation, Organization & Function


The Sweeny Police Department is organized in a quasi-military order and command structure.  The modern police department has many functions and areas of responsibility.  Click on a link below for detailed information about that function.





Chief of Police

The Chief of Police is the department head and is responsible for the overall performance of police personnel, the function of the department, and the administration of law enforcement in the City. The Chief of Police is appointed by majority vote of the City Council.




The administration of the police department consists of the chief's office and his support staff (an administrative assistant).  The administration is responsible for conducting the non-enforcement business of the agency and overseeing the enforcement aspects of the agency to ensure courteous and professional service.


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  The police department has established an e-mail address specifically for questions or comments regarding the administrative function of the agency. Please contact the administrative office of the police department via the following link: admin@sweenypolice.org




The patrol division consists of uniformed officers patrolling the city in distinctively marked police vehicles.


The basic police missions are:

  • Prevention of criminal conduct

  • Repression of crime

  • Apprehension of offenders

  • Recovery of property

  • Regulation of non-criminal conduct

  • Performance of service functions

The basic objectives of patrol are:

  • Protection of lives and property

  • Preservation of the peace

  • Prevention of unlawful acts

  • Apprehension of offenders

  • Suppression of disturbances

  • Providing aid relief and information

  • Collection and preservation of evidence

  • Providing court testimony

Uniformed patrol officers are the first responders to 9-1-1 calls, life-threatening emergencies, traffic collisions, and many other calls for service. As first responders, patrol officers are highly trained individuals. Being the most visible members of the department, uniformed patrol officers strive to work in partnerships with the community by identifying and solving problems related to crime and improvement of quality of life for all citizens. 


Officers are scheduled into one of two shifts per day:  day or night shift.  Shifts are 12 hours and there are no overlapping shifts.  Police assistance is provided 24 hours a day utilizing this schedule, which is important to small agencies with minimal staff.

The department utilizes three marked police patrol vehicles for routine patrol and emergency response.

Bike Patrol

The Sweeny Police Department utilizes two marked police bicycles for special patrol functions, such as at parades, festivals, large peaceful gatherings, school functions (football games, graduation, etc.), and for other special assignments.


Criminal Investigation

The investigation of past criminal conduct is the responsibility of each officer in the agency.  The Sweeny Police Department does not have a separate investigative unit as seen in most larger agencies.  A criminal investigation is defined as the lawful search for people and things useful in reconstructing the circumstances of an unlawful act or omission and the mental state accompanying it.  Patrol officers respond to criminal acts and investigate those acts until the conclusion of the case.  All investigations are carefully monitored by the Investigation Sergeant, that officer who provides assistance and guidance to other officers.


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Anonymous tips regarding an ongoing investigation or other relevant police matter can be provided via the following e-mail link: tips@sweenypolice.org




Texas Peace Officers are responsible for serving (or executing) arrest warrants.  Arrest warrants are court orders issued by a magistrate (judge) charging a specific named person with committing a crime. The warrant commands a peace officer to bring the suspected person before the judge so that the person may be formally charged with a crime and arraigned.  Warrants may be issued for violations of traffic laws, violations of city ordinances, misdemeanor offenses, and felony crimes.  Warrants are served by all officers in the agency.


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  The police department posts information about individuals who are wanted on more serious misdemeanor and/or felony arrest warrants on the Most Wanted Web page. This page can be viewed by clicking the following link: www.sweenypolice.org/most_wanted.  Anonymous tips can be provided via the following e-mail link: tips@sweenypolice.org



Animal Control

Each police officer has the authority, as granted by city ordinance, to enforce animal control problems and violations within the city.  This includes investigating minor violations and animal cruelty, issuing warning notices and citations, making arrests, and quarantining, seizing, and destroying certain animals. However, the public works department for the city handles most of the calls for minor animal violations.




Communications is the heart of every police agency.  Dispatchers answer calls for service from the public and communicate those calls to the patrol officer via two-way police radio.  Officer safety is a key consideration for the communications officer.


The Sweeny Police Department utilizes the Brazoria County Sheriff's Department for dispatching services 24-hours-a-day.


The police department uses an 800 MHz radio system, mobile units of which are mounted in each police vehicle, and portable units are available to each officer while on duty.




Maintaining public records in a neat and orderly manner is essential for the police agency.  Public records are any documents kept as an official record of police activity.  Arrest reports, traffic accident reports, crime reports, etc. are examples of records.  Records are generally available to the public for a minimal cost during normal business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm).


The police department's Web site provides much information about records and police activity.  Information, such as arrests, crime reports, sex offenders, and press releases, is updated frequently.


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  The police department posts information regarding public information and records requests on the Public Information Web page.  This page can be viewed by clicking the following link: www.sweenypolice.org/public_information.




The Sweeny Police Department does not operate a jail.  All arrestees or prisoners are incarcerated at the West Columbia Police Department jail or the Brazoria Police Department jail.  The police department maintains a small holding cell for the temporary detention and secure holding of persons under arrest awaiting transport to a jail facility, magistrate, or release pending payment of fines/bonds.



School Resource Officer (SRO)

The School Resource Officer is responsible for providing law enforcement and security services to the Sweeny Independent School District (ISD).  The police department employed a School Resource Officer from 1996-2005.  The SRO program began in 1996 as a result of a federal COPS grant.  In 2005, the Sweeny ISD created a school police department, the Sweeny ISD Police Department.  The school police department has jurisdiction throughout the entire school district.



Public Relations

The Sweeny Police Department embraces the core fundamental philosophy of community-oriented policing.  Working with citizens, business owners, and other officials to solve non-traditional police and community problems is a vital part in preventing and reducing crime. 


The police department's Web site provides much information about police activity and services.  We constantly strive to improve our Web site, and we hope our community values the dedication and information put forth.


The public is usually bombarded with negative stories, features, or articles focusing on law enforcement and police agencies. This negative publicity from the media, whether via newspaper, radio, television, or the Internet, can often have serious consequences on community-police relations.  While it is important to publicize the conduct of officers and police agencies, it is rare to find an article or tribute to officers or agencies who have positive impacts on the community.  We hope our Web site will be utilized as a conduit for positive communication and feedback regarding police services.




The effective control of property in the hands of a police agency is an important priority.  Property such as evidence, contraband, found property, and abandoned property must be carefully protected and controlled.  The police department follows strict guidelines to ensure proper evidence/property control. 




The Sweeny Police Department utilizes in-house training provided by PoliceOne.  Officers must complete 40 hours of continuing education training every two years in order to maintain their peace officer licenses.  This is a TCOLE requirement.



Reserve Division

The Sweeny Police Department relies on an effective reserve corps to assist full-time officers, to work for full-time officers who are ill or on vacation, and to provide additional manpower in times of need. Reserve officers must meet the same employment criteria as full-time officers.  Reserve Officers are required to work 12 hours per month and are compensated for their services.




The Sweeny Police Department Auxiliary was formed in 2004 and was later disbanded in 2010.  It was utilized in the police department for fund raising, community service projects, and public relations activities.



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Please direct questions or comments about our department operation, organization, or function to admin@sweenypolice.org.