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For more information and details about this  information, click on the link below: Public Information


In an effort to provide the most public information about police services and activity, we will post all arrests made throughout the year here.  However, keep in mind, all persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

What is Public Information?

As defined by the Texas Government Code, "public information" means information that is collected, assembled, or maintained under a law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business by a governmental body.


Why is this information disclosed over the Internet?

Furthermore, the law states, "This chapter [Chapter 552, Texas Government Code] does not prohibit a governmental body or its officer for public information from voluntarily making part or all of its information available to the public, unless the disclosure is expressly prohibited by law or the information is confidential under law."

Our Philosophy

It is the philosophy of the Sweeny Police Department to disclose arrests, crime reports, and other traditionally secretive information to the public on our Web site for a number of reasons:

  1. We believe it may serve as a deterrent.

  2. We believe, and this is confirmed with Web site statistical analysis, that the public is interested in, not only who is being arrested, but what crimes are being committed in Sweeny.

  3. We believe in the philosophy of community-oriented policing, a philosophy that encourages and depends on the cooperative effort of the police and citizens to combat social and criminal problems in traditional and non-traditional ways.

  4. Requesting public information is not free.  Minimal fees apply to the disclosure of public information.  Therefore, by providing the information over the Internet, the public is relieved of the burden of paying these fees.

  5. By providing the information over the Internet, our administrative staff saves time and tax dollars by not having to answer "traditional" public information requests which are considerably more time consuming.

  6. Lastly, we believe this Web site is a valuable way to bridge the gap between the police and our citizens.  Generally, the information provided in this Web site is not compiled for public disclosure or release, but instead it is used internally for crime prevention and detection purposes.  By specifically formatting this information for this Web site and publishing it, we have empowered our public to be enlightened, informed, and educated on issues facing our city as it relates to crime and other social problems.


Do you agree or disagree with our philosophy?  Do you believe arrests should be made public in this forum?  Let us know.  Send us an e-mail to inbox@sweenypolice.org.





Jan 1-3 None  


Jan 4-10 None    
Jan 11-17 Adkins, Robert, Jr. 23 Assault, Family Violence (A)
  Adkins, Bryan Anthony 22 Assault, Family Violence (A)
Jan 18-24 Pierce, Gregory Charles 34 Poss Controlled Sub. w/Intent Deliver (F4)
  George, Joseph 56 Assault, Family Violence (A)
  Thomas, Tyrell 18 Credit Card Abuse (F4)
Jan 25-31 None    
Feb 1-7 Green, Devin Wayne 18 Warrant Arrest (C)
Feb 8-14 Mata, Alberto Jose 24 Assault, Family Violence (Choking) (F3)
  Abbott, Gerald Dawane 19 Criminal Trespass (Habitation) (A)
Feb 15-21 Tolleson, Troy Gene 47 Public Intoxication (C)
Feb 22-28 Holmes, Jeannette G. 57 Public Intoxication (C)
Mar 1-7 Stroman, Sean Arte 21 Warrant Arrest (C)
Mar 8-14 Lopez, Zulieka 41 Possession Controlled Substance (F4)
Mar 15-21 Gibson, Brandy Boren 32 Forgery (F4)
  O'Neal, Daryl Lloyd 49 Theft (F4)
Mar 22-28 Emerson, Pamela Lynn 56 Warrant Arrest - Violation City Ordinance (C)
Mar 29-Apr 4 Evans, Linda Gail 48 Terroristic Threat (B)
Apr 5-11 Montgomery, Matthew D. 26

1. Tampering with Vehicle ID Number (A)

2. No Driver's License (C)

3. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (C)

  Bradley, Donnie Ray 50 Terroristic Threat (B)
Apr 12-18 Anderson, Jeremy 31 Theft (B)
Apr 19-25 Davenport, Krystal Dawn 43 Assault, Family Violence (A)
  Abdullah, Muhammad S. 25 Warrant Arrest (C)
Apr 26-May 2 Brown, Emerson Ralph 49 Theft (C)
  Higgins, Suzonne Denice 23 Warrant Arrest - Issuance of Bad Check (C)
  Bonner, Twanna Gale 33

Warrant Arrest -

1. Ran Stop Sign (C)

2. No Driver's License (C)

3. No Insurance (C)

  Matela, Joseph Michael 43 Public Intoxication (C)
May 3-9 Sadighi, Michael Cyrus 22 Public Intoxication (C)
  Johnson, Palmer 61 Warrant Arrest - No Driver's License (C)
May 10-16 Harriss, Crystal Perez 31 Warrant Arrest - Issuance of Bad Check (C)
  Copeland, Traci Elaine 26 Warrant Arrest - Issuance of Bad Check (C) (x3)
May 17-23 Sebok, Kristy 40 Warrant Arrest - Issuance of Bad Check (C) (x2)
  Cox, Mark Wallace 53 Warrant Arrest - Issuance of Bad Check (C)
May 24-30 Parsons, Brady Mitchell 27 Public Intoxication (C)
  Mann, Olatunji Shabazz 35 Public Intoxication (C)
May 31-Jun 6 Bonner, Marcus Dwayne 27

1. Possession of Marijuana (B)

2. Driving While License Invalid (C)

3. No Insurance (C)

4. Display Expired License Plates (C)

  Aguilar, Roberto Miguel 25 Assault, Family Violence (C)
  Anderson, Shannon Faye 31 Warrant Arrest - Fail to Appear (C)
  Brennen, Aaron David 23 Warrant Arrest - Fail to Appear (C)
  Hickson, Robert Paul 23

Warrant Arrest - Fail to Appear (C)

  Abbott, Stephanie 42 Forgery of a Financial Instrument (F4)
Jun 7-13 Jalomo, Amber Renee 19 Warrant Arrest - Traffic (C)
Jun 14-20 Farmacka, Colton Rob 18 Criminal Trespass (B)
  Hanks, Shane Patrick 29 Warrant (Other Agency - Childress County)
  Bennett, Pamela Renee 53 Public Intoxication (C)
  Lopez, Zuleika Vidal 41 Warrant - Possession Drug Paraphernalia (C)
Jun 21-27 Donley, Shern-Miki Ann 21

Evading Arrest w/Previous Conviction (F4)

Fail to Identify - Fugitive From Justice (A)

  Emerson, Pamela Lynn 56 Warrant Arrest - Issuance of Bad Check (C) (x4)
Jun 28-Jul 4 Wright, Justin Earl 26 Evading Arrest (B)
Jul 5-11 None    
Jul 12-18 None    
Jul 19-25 Motley, Travis Ray 25 Assault, Family Violence (C)
  Garcia, Nicole 19 Assault, Family Violence (C)

Jul 26-Aug 1

Williams, Yashicha K.


Warrant Arrest - Issuance of Bad Check (x2) (C)

  Chandler, Doug C. 27 Assault Causes Bodily Injury (A)
Aug 2-8 Mansel, Dustin 23 Warrant Arrest - Traffic (x2) (C)
Aug 9-15 None    
Aug 16-22 None    
Aug 23-29 Montelongo, Alfredo 47

1. Public Intoxication (C)

2. Resisting Arrest (A)

3. Assault on Public Servant (F3)

Aug 30-Sep 5 Long, James Scott 29 Criminal Trespass - Habitation (A)
Sep 6-12 Slaughter, Terry Dwaine 63 Assault (Family Violence ) (C)
Sep 13-19 Maisonet, Christain Lee 22

1. Resisting Arrest (A)

2. Evading Arrest (A)

3. Assault (C)

4. Public Intoxication (C)

5. Littering (C)

6. Disorderly Conduct - Language (C)

7. Disorderly Conduct - Gesture (C)

  Goodrich, Shawn David 37 Warrant Arrest - Traffic (C)
  Strauther, Carnell Wayne 40 Warrant Arrest - Issuance of Bad Check (x9) (C)
Sep 20-26 Calvin, David James 22 Warrant Arrest - Traffic (C)
  Baxter, Lloyd Edward, IV 26 Warrant Arrest - Traffic (C)
  Nowicki, Trisdon Lee 28 Public Intoxication (C)
Sep 27-Oct 3 None    
Oct 4-10 None    
Oct 11-17 McBride, Melissa Sue 36 Theft (B)


Mann, Olatunji Shabazz


1. Speeding (C)

2. No Insurance (C)

  Weekley, Shaun Michael 18 Burglary of Coin-Operated Machine (A)
Oct 18-24 Ryan, William Anson, Jr. 51 Theft (B)
  McBride, Melissa Sue 36

1.  Evading Arrest with Vehicle (F4)

2.  Escape Causes Bodily Injury (F2)

3.  Possession of Controlled Substance (F4)


Oct 25-31

McCreary, James Ross


1.  No Driver's License (C)

2.  No Insurance (C)

Nov 1-7 Kennedy, Charles Ray 44 Public Intoxication (C)
Nov 8-14 Lopez, Kelly 36 Assault, Family Violence (A)
  Mack, Theodore Roosevelt 65 Warrant Arrest (C)
  Perez, Estaban 29 Possession of Controlled Substance (F4)
Nov 15-21 Symm, Steven Allen 17

1. Evading Arrest (B)

2. Unlawfully Carrying Weapon (A)

Nov 22-28 Weekley, Shaun Michael 18 Sexual Assault (F2)
  Martin, Aimee Renee 28

1. No Insurance (C)

2. Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection (C)

3. Fail to Appear (C)

4. Fail to Appear (C)

5. Evading Arrest w/Vehicle (F4)

Nov 29-Dec 5 None    
Dec 6-12 Martin, Aimee Renee 28 Assault (C)
  Crawford, Lakeitha M. 35 Criminal Mischief (B)
Dec 13-19 Perez, Christopher A. 17 Possession of Marijuana (B)
  Wallace, Shane Allen 42

1. Theft (F4)

2. Fail to ID (Gave False Info) (B)

3. Escape (F3)

  Rains, Kyle Hayden 17

1. Burglary of Motor Vehicle (A)

2. Burglary of Motor Vehicle (A)

Dec 20-26 None    
Dec 27-31 Mata, Alberto Jose 25 Warrant Arrest - Other Jurisdiction

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